Dames du DOC


Réalisatrices Équitables presents the importance of statistics in the fight to achieve parity for women directors
Check out RÉ’s work in this short animated video!

Must see

Zaynê Akyol
In conversation with Nadia Zouaoui

Marianne Farley
In conversation with Pénélope McQuade

The Trues Stories
of Ariane Louis-Seize, Carol Nguyen, Romane Garant Chartrand and Clara Milo

Our projects

Dames des vues REMIX
Discover our completely reimagined web platform

Pitch Perfect
Call for short film projects for pitch training!

Educational Lecture Series
Contact us to benefit from our conferences on parity and gender issues in film


Feature films accepted with women directors Telefilm canada (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures


Feature films accepted with women directors budget of $ 3 million and more SODEC (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures


Projects accepted with women directors National Film Board of Canada (NFB) (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures

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