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Vidéo Statistiques

Why statistics are so crucial for Réalisatrices Équitables ?
Find out in this short animated video!

Must see

Caroline Monnet
In conversation with Odile Tremblay

Au Salon with Yanick Létourneau
Isabelle Hayeur meets the producer of Périphéria

Project Launch with Catherine Éthier
Presentation of the statistics website « La part des réalisatrices »

Our projects

Dames des vues REMIX
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Mentorship Program
Women filmmakers who identify as cultural or ethnic minority, take advantage of our tailor-made mentoring programs

Educational Lecture Series
Contact us to benefit from our conferences on parity and gender issues in film


Feature films accepted with women directors Telefilm canada (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures


Feature films accepted with women directors budget of $ 3 million and more SODEC (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures


Projects accepted with women directors National Film Board of Canada (NFB) (2019/2020) since parity incentive measures

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