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Studios, associations, institutes and festivals dedicated to women in the media


In Quebec

L’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec

L’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec, founded in 1973, is composed of Québec directors working mainly in film and television. L’ARRQ defends its members’ interests and their professional, economic, cultural, social and moral rights. It is mandated to represent directors in all domains at all times. The ARRQ represents over 600 directors working in Québec, mainly in French. The ARRQ has set up an equity committee for its female members.

Vidéo FemmesSpira

Vidéo Femmes is a center for women-directed independent film and video production and distribution: documentary, features, artistic and experimental productions. It has been a creative center in the city of Québec since 1973.

Spirafilm is a film coop dedicated to independent cinema. Its vocation is to support quality, original film and video creations. It works specifically with independent productions, that is, film or video in which the author maintains creative and editorial control over all phases of production.
In 2014, Vidéo Femmes merged with Spirafilm to form Spira.

Studio XX
Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist center engaged in exploring, creating and critiquing technological art. Founded in Montréal in 1996, it seeks to promote the multiple creative territories, voices and actions of women in cyberspace. Exploring, demystifying, creating access, equipping, questioning, creating: such is the range of Studio XX.

Web Series Québec
Web series Québec proposes a unique platform, a crossroads from which the user can easily be directed to the website of any Québec web series. Everything, without exception, is on this site. And this group collects gender statistics… We strongly encourage them to keep it up!

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