Dames du DOC

La vie d’un héros (1994) directed by Micheline Lanctôt © Micheline Lanctôt

Ava (2017) directed by Sadaf Foroughi © Sadaf Foroughi

Gagner le nord! (2011) directed by Évangéline De Pas © Évangéline De Pas


Les gentilles (2018) directed by Anik Salas © Véronique Soucy

Ava (2017) directed by Sadaf Foroughi © Sweet Delight Pictures

Educational Lecture Series

Thanks to the SOLSTICE FONDATION, Réalisatrices Équitables continues to engage with tomorrow’s women directors via its lecture series at Québec cegeps, universities, and media arts production schools. These talks present a clear picture of the challenges awaiting students. They also provide tools for raising awareness among future colleagues and professional partners, and tips on overcoming obstacles as these young women make their way in the profession.

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