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Study Day on women and culture

Study day on Québec’s women creators:

The issue of women creators’ invisibility has spanned the history of art. Women creators have always received a smaller share of state funding allocated to cultural production in all its forms. It has therefore become extremely important for the members of Réalisatrices Équitables to address this flagrant gender imbalance.

A study day on creative women in Québec will take place next May. Delegates from the associations representing Québec’s main cultural arenas will be invited to exchange information on the place of women creators, their working conditions, and the financing and distribution of their projects. This gathering will allow participants to reflect on common solutions to remedy the catastrophic lack of women’s point of view and imagination in all manifestations of Québec culture.

The study day will be followed by a press conference and meeting with Luc Fortin, Québec minister of culture and communications, and with Catherine Ferembach, associate deputy minister in charge of the Secrétariat à la condition feminine.

Thanks to our partners:

ARRQ – Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec
Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec
Ministère de la Justice et Secrétariat à la condition féminine du Québec
UDA – Union des artistes
SARTEC – Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma
AQTIS – L’Alliance québécoise des techniciens de l’image et du son
SPACQ – Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec

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