Dames du DOC

Gagner le nord! (2011) directed by Évangéline De Pas © Évangéline De Pas

Ava (2017) directed by Sadaf Foroughi © Sweet Delight Pictures


Col Bleu (2017) directed by Mara Joly © Maude Soulières

Ava (2017) directed by Sadaf Foroughi © Sadaf Foroughi

Chaloupe (2014) directed by Sophie B. Jacques © Jean Ladouceur

Broadcast Study

Over the past ten years, Réalisatrices Équitables has coordinated or participated in several studies that contributed to changing mentalities and regulations at institutions financing the audio-visual arts. Our new study will focus on broadcasting and promoting works directed by women. Is their work selected in prestigious categories? How is it promoted?

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