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Geneva Guérin

Portrait Geneva Guérin
© photo: Geneva Guérin
Extrait - Van Horne & Waverly - Geneva Guérin
© photo: Geneva Guérin
Extrait - We Call Them Intruders - Geneva Guérin
© photo: Geneva Guérin



  • Van Horne & Waverly Visionnement gratuit du film

    • Documentaire
    • 44 min
    • français
    • 2013
    Van Horne & Waverly follows three artists as they forge, mix/illuminate and paint new works in one of Canada’s most densely populated artist communities. Meet Glen LeMesurier, Radwan Moumneh and… Thème principal: Art et culture, Thème(s) secondaire(s): Urbanisation.
    Diffusion : CBC, FIFA, EnRoute Air Canada


Geneva Guerin is from Montréal Canada. Since 2010 he has self-produced and directed three feature documentaries. La Cantine afghane (The Aghan Kitchen) on Afghan refugees in Paris, Van Horne & Waverly, a portrait of Montreal’s Mile End neighbourdhood and its artists and We Call Them Intruders on Canadian mining operations in Africa. She is also producer and co-writer on Flight Over Moonstrife, a feature fiction in the genre of magical realism. Geneva holds degrees in Political Science, Communication Studies (film production), as well as in Architecture and Engineering. She has been making films along side her career as a green building consultant since 2003. Despite apparent differences, she finds perfect coherency in the capacity to exert influence in deeply creative ways in both realms.


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