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Lois Siegel

Portrait Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Extrait - Fipsi - Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Tournage - Stunt Family - Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Tournage - Stunt Family - Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Tournage - A 20th Century Chocolate Cake - Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Extrait - Baseball Girls - Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel
Extrait - Baseball Girls - Lois Siegel
© photo: Julie Boudreau
Portrait Lois Siegel
© photo: Lois Siegel

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Baseball Girls Visionnement gratuit du film 
documentary, 82 min, English, 1995 

From 7-year-olds playing baseball, learning the rules of the game, to 60-year-olds playing slo-pitch softball, Baseball Girls  explores the private and professional lives of women obsessed with the sport they love.  Using animation, archival stills and live-action footage, this zany and affectionate feature documentary details the history of women’s participation in the largely male-dominated world of baseball and softball.Featuring: The Colorado Silver Bullets, The All-American Girls  Professional Baseball League, The Japanese National Team,  Jackie Autry,  Bill and Annabelle Lee. Thèmes: femmes, sport

Film Documentary Award, Athens International Film and Video Festival (Athens, Ohio)
“Targa Citta’ Di Palermo”, International SportsFilm Festival (Palermo, Italy)
Best Documentaries in Canadian Cinema for 1996 by “Take One” film magazine: Toronto Film Critics’ Poll Winner, Bronze Apple Award
Distribution: NFB
Screenings: The Women’s Television Network, Oxygen Media, USA, Montreal World Film Festival; The Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax; TIFF, Athens International Film and Video Festival

Lip Gloss Visionnement gratuit du film 
documentary, 75 min, English, 1993

Lip Gloss is a documentary introducing a behind-the-scenes look at female impersonators.  There’s something for everyone: long legs, swivel hips, stuffed girdles, and bouffant hairdos. Lip Gloss exposes the lives of transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens and female impersonators.  Shop with them for lingerie and high heels, meet them backstage as they transform from male to female, learn about their “extra curricular” occupations and family life. Thèmes: Homosexualité/LGTB/Queer

Distribution: NFB
Screenings: Bravo!, Montreal World Film Festival, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, England, Cine 16, San Jose, California, The Fringe Festival, Ottawa

documentary, 23 min, English, 1990

Fipsi is a documentary about a spunky 80-year-old lady.  German born, Irma Roggenkamper Garbs immigrated to Canada in 1952 with her husband Albert.  The film is a memoir of her past, factual and emotional, and the adventures she and Albert experienced in Canada.  The Garbs later opened Hanover House Cafe in Morin Heights, Quebec, a well-known coffeehouse.  Irma’s sister Charlotte played piano for Mme. Chiriaeff and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.  Irma paints, plays the violin and defies defeat. Her account of a diversified life is an inspiring one. Thème: vieillesse

Production: Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
Screenings: CBC, “Canadian Reflections” , VISION TV, Ladyfest, Ottawa, Halifax

Pancake On A Hot Tin Roof
fiction, 26 min, English, 1990

Dick Tracy move over. Joe Private is on the scene. Pancake On A Hot Tin Roof is a detective spoof focusing on Joe Private as the detective who does everything wrong.  A mysterious lady hires him because someone is trying to kill her.  We watch as they meet an array of strange characters during a very unusual sequence of events.  Logic or clues have no bearing on the outcome of this suspense drama. Joe Private is ultimately a new twist in the history of the detective genre.

Production: Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
Screenings: Montreal World Film Festival, NFB: Guy Favreau

Stunt People Visionnement gratuit du film
documentary. 47 min 32 sec, English, 1989

Stunt People features four generations of the Fournier family: smashing cars, catching fire and falling off buildings for the fun of it. Their passion is action and adventure. Stunt People moves behind the scenes to give an insight as to how stunts are done and why stunt people risk their lives to perform stunts for film. Thèmes: art et culture

Best Short Documentary, Genie Award
Distribution: NFB
Screenings: CBC, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, Bravo, Montreal World Film Festival, Athens International Film & Video Festival, Athens, Ohio, Cine 16, San Jose 

Plastic Dreams 
animation, 3 min, 1988

Through the use of pixilation, this zany film introduces strange characters and happenings.

Production: Lois Siegel Productions
Screenings: Festival du nouveau cinéma, RVCQ, Main Film, Independent Canadian Animation Panorama, Barrymore’s, and Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival, Ottawa

Strangers In Town 
documentary, 43 min, English, 1988

Strangers In Town is a documentary about albinos. It  considers both the medical and social aspects of albinism.  The film attempts to overcome the prejudices and misconceptions people have toward albinos.  Personalities appearing in the film include American blues guitarist Johnny Winter. Thème: santé

Distribution: NFB

Bad News Bananas
documentary, 10 min, English, 1984

Bad News Bananas is a manipulative documentary: tragi/comedy at its best. The film features The National Film Board of Canada Women’s Softball Team, which plays in the St-Laurent Industrial League in Montreal. A Baseball Home Movie: Second in a series.

Production: Lois Siegel Productions
Screenings: Festival International du Nouveau Cinema

A 20th Century Chocolate Cake 
fiction/documentary, 70 min, English, 1983

A 20th Century Chocolate Cake is a film recipe for the future. This bizarre comedy is an offbeat look at the absurdities of the 20th century – where dreams don’t come true. Pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV or just look out the window. It’s all there.

Honorable Mention, Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
Nominations, Best Musical Score, Best Original Song,Genie Awards
Distribution: NFB 
Screenings: CFCF, City-TV, San Sebastian, Spain, Film Festival, The Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax Nova Scotia, Niagara Arts Centre

Run, Throw, Hit 
Steal, documentary, 8 min, English, 1982

Run, Throw, Hit is a manipulative documentary: tragi/comedy at its best. The film features The National Film Board of Canada Women’s Softball Team, which plays in the St-Laurent Industrial League in Montreal.

Screenings: The National Film Board of Canada Film Club, The National Film Board of Canada’s 50th Anniversary, Montreal

Extreme Close-Up 
documentary, 20 min, English, 1980
Un Profond regard 
documentary, 20 min, French version, 1980

Extreme Close-Up is a documentary about young adults who are multi-handicapped, but who have one handicap in common: blindness. The film not only confronts what it is like to be blind but also presents these young people as having discovered self-expression through music. Thèmes: santé, art et culture

Distribution: NFB
Screenings: CBC, Festival International du Nouveau Cinema, Sixth Annual Grierson Documentary Film Seminar, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Concordia University Health Fair, Montreal, Baltimore International Film Festival, Maryland.

animation, 8 min, 1979

Arena is a study of images in movement.  Stark black and white photographs of faces have been airbrushed with color. The faces dissolve one into another.

Production: Lois Siegel Productions, Les Productions de la Chouette
Screenings: Radio-Québec, Yorkton International Festival, La Semaine du Cinema Québécois, Winnipeg Film Group, Cine 16, San Jose

Stunt Family Visionnement gratuit du film 
documentary, 3 min, English, 1978
Les Cascadeurs Visionnement gratuit du film 
documentary, 3 min, version française, 1978

Stunt Family introduces The Fournier Family who have performed stunts for over 100 feature films. The film shows them in action: car rolls, crashes, explosions. Thèmes: art et culture

Distribution: NFB


Lois Siegel est une réalisatrice cinématographique, directrice de production, écrivaine, photographe, musicienne et ancien professeur. Siegel a été nominée une des Top 50 de la capitale nationale d’Ottawa pour la revue 2002 ‘Ottawa Life’.  A Montréal, elle a travaillé à Office National Des Film. Siegel a fait ses études aux États Unies: un B.A en journalisme avec honneur en anglais, une maîtrise en arts en anglais et  littérature par comparaison à l’Université d’Ohio. Siegel travaille comme photographe pour ‘Ottawa Business Journal,’ et ‘Diplomat Magazine’.  Elle écrit les revues de film pour ‘The Glebe Report.’  Elle a été choisie comme une des 9 photographes officielles pour le concert des Rolling Stones à Ottawa en l’an 2005. Elle avait enseigne la production de vidéo à l’Université d’Ottawa. A Montréal, elle avait enseigne à John Abbott Collège et Concordia Université.
Le film de Siegel Stunt People mettant en vedette les 4 générations de la famille Fournier a remporté le prix Génie en 1990 pour le documentaire de l’Académie du cinéma et de la télévision canadienne. Siegel travaille aussi comme agente musicale. Elle est également musicienne jouant dans les orchestres locaux ‘ The Lyon Street Celtic Band,’ ‘Celtic North,’ et ‘Fiddle Chicks.’

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