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Jenny Cartwright

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Debouttes! Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce
documentary, 48 min, French, 2019

En 1971, les membres du Front de libération des femmes – le FLF – orchestrent un coup d’éclat pour dénoncer le système de justice sexiste et sa Loi des jurés qui stipule que seuls les hommes aisés peuvent faire partie d’un jury au Québec.

Construit à partir des récits de Marjolaine Péloquin, alors membre du FLF, et de Lise Balcer, accusée d’appartenir au FLQ, d’archives et de chansons emblématiques de l’époque, Debouttes! fait vivre de l’intérieur la genèse de l’action des jurées, l’incarcération des militantes et la brève histoire du Front de libération des femmes (1969-1971) qui mènera plusieurs batailles importantes, notamment une campagne nationale en faveur de l’avortement libre et gratuit – des luttes qui résonnent encore aujourd’hui, et que les manuels d’histoire ont choisi de ne pas raconter.

Thème: luttes sociales, femmes, histoire
Diffusion: Télé-Québec

கோயில் (The Temple) Bande annonce Visionnement gratuit du film
experimental documentary, 6 min 54 sec, no dialogue, 2018

At the northern tip of Sri Lanka stands Nallur Kandaswamy, one of the country’s most important Hindu temple. It has known many hardships throughout its long history, being destroyed during the Dutch colonial and more recently during the Sri Lanka Civil War. To this day the Temple remains a powerful example of the resilience of the Tamil community. Each year it hosts a religious festival which spans over 25 days and brings more than 300 000 people to the small Town of Nallur in the Jaffna District.
Part ethnographic film and part experimental film, கோயில் is a hybrid piece of cinematography that questions the act of observing. The camera deploys itself not only as a character but also as a filter and developer which reveals the distance that separates the filmmaker from her subject.

Theme: religion.

Diffusion: RVCQ – La grande rencontre des arts médiatiques, Les Percéides – Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey (FIVAC)


Trajectoires Bande annonce Visionnement gratuit du film
experimental documentary, 20 min, French, English, Bengali, 2017

Trajectoires is a hybrid video installation project directly inspired by documentary filmmaking. It explores the different paths taken by seven residents of Parc-Extension, one of the country’s most diverse neighborhood. The work explores the trajectories that brought it’s subjects here, and the new ones they are describing orbiting through this rapidly changing part of the city.
The work scrutinizes the neighborhood’s own trajectory as gentrification looms ahead. How will Université de Montreal’s new science campus affect the lives of local residents? Matching the size of 38 football fields, and set to attract 10 000 every day, the new site is sure to have important impacts on the urban enclave of Parc-Extension and it’s mostly immigrant population.

Theme: urbanisation, politics, society.

Diffusion: Studio XX
Réalisé dans le cadre de la résidence du Catalyseur d’imaginaires urbains

Golden Tuna – Montreal Sessions Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce
documentary, 9 min, English original version, English subtitles 2016
Golden Tuna – Montreal Sessions Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce
documentary, 9 min, English original version, French subtitles 2016

After leaving Berlin, French multidisciplinary artist Golden Tuna surfs Montreal’s cold and dark wave to find inspiration. Contains nudity. Thème principal: culture. Autre thème: Homosexualité-LGTB-Queer

Diffusion: Fantasia, Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec, Grand Rapids Feminist Film Fest, image+nation 29, RVCQ.

Les chanceuses Visionnement gratuit du film
documentary, 11 min, French, 2015

Quatre femmes en fin de carrière, sans retraite et unies par la même passion, démarrent une coopérative de travailleuses à Ville-Marie pour assurer leurs vieux jours. (écrit, filmé, réalisé et monté en 72 heures dans le cadre du volet création d’un festival). Thèmes: femmes, pauvreté, vieillesse.

Diffusion: Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec

LIKE IT Bande annonce Visionnement gratuit du film
experimental-fiction, 6 min, English, 2015

LIKE IT is a short film reminiscent of another era. It was written, shot and edited on an impulse – three days. Starring the French singer Douce angoisse, it is the melancholy journey from the suburbs to the city of a woman full of doubts. 
Thème principal: Homosexualité-LGTB-Queer

Diffusion: RVCQ, Chicago International Music & Films Festival, Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, image+nation, Corvallis Queer Film Festival.

ya wooto (that’s just how it is) Bande annonce
documentary, 67 min, French, Mooré, 2014

From his village to the big city, Sylvain is trying to make it in Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso, one of the world’s five poorest countries. There, he found a job as a bar manager at Le coin des Amis, a “buvette” owned by Hortense, a policewoman trying to make ends meet. Civil servants are not allowed to run a business: she is bending the rules as she manages her bar alone while her husband is away for work.

Work is home for Sylvain: he works seven days a week and sleeps in the backroom. He has only one thing in mind: saving up enough money to get his driver’s license. If he succeeds, he could drive a merchandise truck, a job that would allow him to find a wife and start a family. In Burkina Faso, you are not really an adult until you are married. That is why he saves 100% of the 20$ he makes every month. In a year’s time he will have saved up enough cash to start his lessons. In the meantime, Sylvain caters to the Coin des amis’ regulars who gather there not only because they can drink on credit, but also because they have become inseparable.

The bar has become the centre of a micro society where every aspect of life in Ouagadougou is a matter for discussion. How long has the power shortage lasted today? Has everyone pitched in for the celebration of Women’s day – a national Holiday in Burkina Faso? Why hasn’t the fridge been repaired yet and what are the dangers of drinking warm beer? Thème principal: pauvreté. Autres thèmes: religion, voyage, économie, éducation, femmes.

Diffusion: Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, Days of Ethnographic Films, Festival international du film ethnographique, Brazilian International Labour Film Festival


Jenny Cartwright is involved with documentary film production since 2001. Based in Montreal, she has worked on projects shot around the globe. Her experiences abroad shows through her sensible though incisive work.

She produces, writes, directs, edits and distributes herself. Her involvement with social and cultural community groups has made her used to accomplish great endeavours with limited resources. This is also true when it comes to shooting films: she always keeps a critical eye upon society, and her DIY philosophy gives her work a distinctively punk spirit.

  • Documentary
  • Essay
  • Experimental
  • Feature films
  • Fiction
  • Short films



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