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Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce

  • Documentaire
  • 20 min
  • français, anglais, bengali
  • 2017

Trajectoires is a hybrid video installation project directly inspired by documentary filmmaking. It explores the different paths taken by seven residents of Parc-Extension, one of the country’s most diverse neighborhood. The work explores the trajectories that brought it’s subjects here, and the new ones they are describing orbiting through this rapidly changing part of the city.

The work scrutinizes the neighborhood’s own trajectory as gentrification looms ahead. How will Université de Montreal’s new science campus affect the lives of local residents? Matching the size of 38 football fields, and set to attract 10 000 every day, the new site is sure to have important impacts on the urban enclave of Parc-Extension and it’s mostly immigrant population.

Produced as part of the residency of the Catalyst of urban imaginations

Directed by :

Distribution : GIV

Diffusion : Studio XX

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