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We Call Them Intruders

Bande annonce

  • Documentaire
  • 45 min
  • Langues multiples, anglais, s.-t. anglais
  • 2015

If you live and work in Canada, chances are you’re connected to Canadian mining companies – whether you know it or not – through your savings, taxes, Canada Pension Plan contributions, RRSPs and other investments. The filmmakers trace their savings to Canadian mines in Eastern and Southern Africa, unearthing the stories behind some of the continent’s largest Canadian-owned mining projects. The film brings viewers on a journey, taking a hard look at why communities, governments and corporations are so often pitted against each other in an explosive battle over extracting the earth’s riches.

Directed by :

Geneva Guérin and Tamara Herman and Susi Porter-Bopp
Portrait Geneva Guérin

Distribution : Looking Glass International

Diffusion : Planet in Focus, Toronto - Canada

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