Réalisatrices Équitabless

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  • Fiction
  • Comédie
  • 74 min
  • anglais
  • 1993

An isolated, young man is thrown into the real world by his rich parents after being caught masturbating in the closet. A twisted Alice in Wonderland, Peter searches desperately for a cure for compulsive wanking, to get back into the bosom of his dysfunctional family. He thrusts himself into a frenzy of therapy, from psychiatry to sex, and can’t take a step without someone pushing him. Panicked, he hooks up with his family’s exhibitionist Jewish maid, the ethnic foil to their Waspy reserve, whose own sexual addiction helps push Peter over the edge and bring his story to an explosive climax.

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : Closing Film at the New Orleans Film & Video Festival
Silver Plaque, Chicago Film Festival
Voted one of the best films of the year by John Griffin, Montreal Gazette Film Critic

Diffusion : New Orleans Film Festival - Chicago Film Festival - San Francisco Indie Film Festival - Video Angst Cinema

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