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Visionnement du film Bande annonce

  • Fiction
  • Drame
  • 78 min
  • français
  • 2017

Sasha’s mother arrives on her doorstep like a hurricane without warning. The young musician is unable to hide her trepidation as her mother asks to sleep on her couch. As Sasha prepares for the most important concert of her career, the pitiful reasons for her mother’s visit come to light. Sasha must find a way to survive the remaining 24 hours before her big show, confronting both the volatile woman and the past that Sasha had worked so hard to leave behind her.

Visionnement du film Bande annonce

Directed by :

Distribution : fun film

Diffusion : Sélection officielle Seattle Film Festival: new directors competition - Sélection officielle au FNC

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