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Nuit et silence

  • Documentaire
  • 43 min
  • français
  • 1990

Terrible images of the 30-year war between Ethiopia and its northern province, Eritrea. Famine, drought, napalm bombings and cluster bombs have killed thousands. This film shows, with lucidity and without falling into sensationalism, the horror that the Eritrean people endure daily: women and children torn to pieces or burned alive, hospitals destroyed, deficient international aid. After seeing this film, US senators and deputies urged their government to react. In this era when war is too often a spectacle, Nuit et silence gives it all its unbearable gravity.

Directed by :

Danièle Lacourse and Yvan Patry
Portrait Danièle Lacourse

Awards and recognition : Prix d’excellence, Toute catégorie de média, Association canadienne des journalistes
Meilleure émission de télévision, Réseau national, Association canadienne des journalistes

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