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Visionnement du film Bande annonce

  • Fiction
  • Drame
  • 17 min
  • français
  • 2011

Mila, a 10 year old girl, is recording the sounds of her everyday life. At school, with her family, outside, she captures her surroundings on a small tape recorder she carries around everywhere. From the unceasing arguments of her parents to the laughter of the schoolmates, everything is caught on tape. As the birthday of her grandfather Luiggi approches, Mila is planning something. To put her plan to work, she devises a ploy to skip school for an entire week. Day and night, she now works on a very special gift featuring her unknowing family.

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : Prix du Publique, Shnit Festival, Berne, Suisse 2013
Mention spéciale du jury, Oberhausen Int. Film Fest, 2013
Prix coup de cœur du jury, Fantasia Film Festival, Montréal 2013
Premier Prix, meilleur court-métrage, Festival del film delle Centovalli, Suisse 2013
Prix Spirafilm, Off-Court Trouville, France 2013
Mention du jury, FFR, Montréal 2013

Distribution : Spira

Diffusion : Oberhausen short film festival - Germany 2013 (Special mention of the jury) XX Capalbio Cinema ISFF 2013 - Off-Court, Trouville 2013 (Prix Spirafilm) - Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax 2013 - Shnit Short Film Festival, Berne, Suisse 2013 (Prix du public) - Rome Independent Film Festival, Italy 2013

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