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L’Océan vu du coeur

Bande annonce

  • Documentaire
  • 96 min
  • français
  • 2023

For a long time, the ocean seemed unalterable and limitless, but the impact of our actions on its biodiversity and temperature has become increasingly alarming. In Ocean Seen From the Heart, the sequel to Earth Seen from the Heart, Hubert Reeves, surrounded by passionate scientists and explorers, invites us to rediscover what threatens it and, above all, its phenomenal capacity for regeneration. A hymn to life at its richest, most precious and necessary to preserve if we are to survive, among other species, on our blue planet.

s.-t. anglais: Ocean Seen From the Heart Bande annonce

Directed by :

Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol and Marie-Dominique Michaud

Distribution : Maison 4:3

Production : Jane Losa Films

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