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Visionnement gratuit du film

  • Vidéoclip ​de ​musique
  • 5 min
  • 09 sec
  • anglais
  • 2020

Surrounded by his group of dancers, Nick Saanto enters a strange museum. Welcomed by two drag queens, they discover a plurality of queer identities: a lesbian, a trans man, a drag child accompanied by drag queens, a gay man, a group of bisexuals. Locked in rooms and visible through windows, they represent specific moments of LGBTQ history.

The Museum’s motto: “You can judge ok? But don’t express yourself!”. All kinds of visitors are present to look, discover and question themselves about these people… Through his voice/singing, Nick frees them from the museum and allows the community to celebrate their differences, beyond judgment.

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : Meilleur vidéo clip (catégorie LGBT) au London Best Music Video Award 2021
Nominé (catégorie LGBT Music Video) au Rome Music Video Awards 2021
Finaliste (catégorie LGBT Music Video) au London International Music Video Awards 2021
Finaliste (catégorie LGBT Music Video) au Munich Music Video Awards 2021.

Diffusion : London Best Music Video Award

Production : Navarro Film Production

Client : Nick Saanto (artiste musical)

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