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Nadia Zouaoui

© Fateh Saadou
© Geoffroy Beauchemin


Nadia Zouaoui was born in Algeria and has lived in Quebec, Canada since 1988. She studied literature and journalism at the University of Montreal and McGill University. Nadia works for the French and the English CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), for the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) and for the Aljazeera Documentary Film Channel. Nadia’s Journey, a film about the condition of women in Algeria, received the Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Television & Cinema, an award at the RIDM (Montreal International Documentary Festival) and the Grand award at FIGRA (Festival International du Grand reportage d’Actualité et du Documentaire de Société) in France. Nadia has an intimate knowledge of the struggles she portrays in her work. She speaks English, French, Berber and Arabic and understands the cultures behind these languages. Her mission and passion is to work in a journalism of humanism and to produce documentaries that help break down the barriers and biases caused by misinformation and to build bridges between cultures while encouraging dialogue and a better understanding among people of different backgrounds.

  • Long métrage
  • Film, Télévision


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