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Bande annonce

  • Fiction
  • Drame
  • 87 min
  • français
  • 2013

Anna is feverish when she arrives with her son Tomas in Igloolik, a small community located in the Canadian Arctic. As a young teacher, she had an adventure there with her son’s Inuit father. Now 14 years old, Tomas was born and raised in Montreal, with his mother, and therefore knows very little about his Inuit origins. This brilliant and solid teenager would like to learn more about the culture of his father, but the latter, who disappeared in unknown circumstances, is no longer there to guide him. For Tomas’ mother and the paternal family circle, the joy of reunion is overshadowed by the painful memories of a brief episode in their common history. Over the course of two weeks that seem to merge into one endless day under the midnight sun, Anna and Tomas will strive to reconnect with this family they can no longer ignore.

Directed by :

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