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Under the Umbrella

  • Documentaire
  • 8 min
  • anglais, s.-t. anglais
  • 2014

Shannon’s first feature documentary H2Oil is a very strong film revealing how Canadian companies polluted their own soil in Alberta and poisoned their own people in order to supply crude oil to their neighbor Americans. When the Umbrella Movement started, she was excited to get on to the street and got her students in action as well. This 8-min film intercuts among Vietnamese student Vicky Do, Shanghai student Wang Jingjing and Indian student Ansah Malik -a fourth generation Hong Konger, and present their experience with the movement. While Jingjing only talks on screen, Ansah is always in action and most memorable. Vicky has a strong vision herself, which is more complete in her own film “Stronger from Paradise.”

Directed by :

Diffusion : Al Jazeera Plus
Hong Kong Independent Film Festival
Urban Nomad
Left Forum
Visible Evidence

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