Réalisatrices Équitabless

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  • Expérimental
  • 3 min
  • français
  • 2022

Formed by visual and sound loops, this work explores organic textures related to images shot in Gaspésie in 1966. My grandfather’s nervous camera, combined with his fascination for certain innocuous movements, resonates with my artistic practice. An organic algae-based film creation workshop gave me the pretext to play with these images, allowing me to work with the film in an organic and ecological way, but also playful. The workshop offered by TAIS – Toronto Animated Image Society gave me the excuse and the impetus to create this short experiment. Vladimir Konic imagined during a period of confinement, a method to create and digitize a film made from algae. The textures and colors created with these organic inks and films grabbed me. Their combination with recently digitized family archive images came about naturally. What could be more natural than combining images of Gaspésie with textures of algae? The process combines analog and digital technologies, 8mm film and organic film. The soundtrack comes from unused scraps from other projects.

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : Festival Tous courts | Prix France TV

Distribution : Spira

Diffusion : In competition | ULTRAcinema, Mexico
In competition | Antimatter Media Art, Canada
In competition | Engauge Experimental Film Festival, USA
In competition | Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia
In competition | Festival tous Courts, France

Production : Anne-Marie Bouchard

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