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Quand les étrangers se réunissent

  • Documentaire
  • 52 min
  • français
  • 1999

Every year, thousands of migrant workers, mostly Filipinos, enter Canada as domestic workers. Leaving behind spouses and children, they work in isolation for years and send almost all of their earnings back to their home countries in the hope that one day their families will join them. When Strangers Re-Unite takes a look at what happens after years of separation and sacrifice. Now true strangers, the members of these families must undertake the difficult task of rebuilding emotional ties while adapting to an environment that is often unwelcoming. Within the Filipino community in Canada, several groups and organizations are actively advocating for the rights and welfare of migrant workers. It is largely due to these organizations that most families overcome what at first seem to be insurmountable obstacles. Filmed in Toronto, Montreal and the Philippines, this heartfelt and moving portrait of three families on the road to recovery.

When Strangers Re-Unite

Directed by :

Marie Boti and Florchita Bautista
Portrait Marie Boti
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