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Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce

  • Documentaire, Interactif
  • interactive
  • français
  • 2014

Primal is an interactive web documentary, is a collaborative experience about expressing our deepest feelings, through the making of a collective eternal cry. Since childhood, we have expressed some of our most powerful emotions through shouting. It is the most primal expression since it surpasses language, and can convey joy as well as anger, fear as surprise. We scream with passion and hate. We scream to let off steam, to call for help. The scream is a raw, raw, and primitive vehicle of the violent feelings within us. It is the outlet that allows us to channel those energies that sometimes go beyond ourselves. Primal therefore challenges participants to let go while shouting without restraint and to use this energy to create a collaborative artistic work. Internet users can also explore in depth the realities of young Argentinian and Canadian criers through video portraits.

v. anglaise: Visionnement gratuit du film

Directed by :

Caroline Hayeur and Manuel Archain et Bruno Stagnaro
Portrait Caroline Hayeur

Distribution : Office national du film du Canada (ONF) Ineractif

Production : Office national du film du Canada (ONF) Ineractif

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