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Mahiye sorkh shodeh (The Fried Fish)

Visionnement gratuit du film

  • Animation
  • 11 min
  • Persan
  • 2014

Fish yearns to see the sea once again. He asks a cat, a mouse, a dog, and a crow for help, one after another. They each eat a part of his flesh and carry him some distance down the path to the sea. But after a while, one by one, they put him down and leave. In the end, some ants throw the fish’s skeleton into the sea. The fish happily swims away in the deep blue sea.

s.-t. anglais: The Fried Fish Visionnement gratuit du film

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : 2nd Prize, Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2019
2nd Best Film from Asia, International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017
Best Animation Film, International Film Festival of Prayag, Allahabad, India, 2016
Honorary Diploma, Tehran International Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2015
Honorary Diploma, Roshd International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2014

Distribution : DEFC

Diffusion : Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2015 - Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal, Canada, 2014 - Show me shorts Film Festival, Auckland city, New Zealand, 2020 - Tehran International Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2015 - International Documentary and short Film Festival of Kerala, India, 2015

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