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Les Fantômes des trois Madeleine

Visionnement gratuit du film Bande annonce

  • Fiction
  • Drame
  • 83 min
  • français
  • 2000

The Ghosts of the Three Madeleines tells the story of three women, three generations, three faces, a strange trio, neither quite tribe nor quite family, three very distinct personalities gathered around the same first name, Madeleine, and d same quest, the reconstruction of their fragmented common memory.

During a trip that takes them from Montreal to Gaspésie, Mado, Marie-Madeleine and little Madeleine plunge into their memories and their dreams, in search of their own identity. Along the way, in bed and breakfasts, on the shores of the sea and through new encounters, they learn to tame the ghosts that haunt them.

Directed by :

Awards and recognition : Sélectionné pour la Quinzaine des réalisateurs du 32e Festival de Cannes 2000
Festival International de cinéma de Figueira da Foz 2000 : mention honorable du Jury international de la presse (FIPRESCI)
Grand prix, prix Don Quijote, Fédération européenne des ciné-clubs

Distribution : Equinoxe Films

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