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Les Bienveillants

Visionnement gratuit du film

  • Documentaire
  • 16 min
  • 22 sec
  • français
  • 2021

The Benevolents immerses itself in the world of the Tel-Aide Montreal telephone listening center, following a group of future volunteers who learn the art of empathetic listening. Through an intimate treatment, the film seeks to remind us of the importance of the presence of vigilant ears in a society where solitude is omnipresent.

s.-t. anglais: The Benevolents Visionnement gratuit du film

Directed by :

Distribution : Travelling Distribution

Diffusion : Festival international de cinéma francophone en Acadie - Canada
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois - Canada
Filministes - Canada
Festival Vues sur mer - Canada
Hot Docs - Canada
Visions du Réel - Marché - Suisse

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