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Damascus Dreams

Bande annonce

  • Documentaire
  • 83 min
  • arabe, français, s.-t. français
  • 2021

A reinvented initiatory story, Damascus Dreams recounts the quest of Émilie, a filmmaker in search of an inaccessible country of origin. By intertwining the memory of her father, that of Syrian refugees and her own imagination, Émilie composes a country that lies somewhere between myth and reality, dream and nightmare, past and present.

Directed by :

Distribution : Funfilmdistribution

Diffusion : Festival du Nouveau Cinéma - Canada
Vancouver International Film Festival - Canada
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival - Canada
Rotterdam International Film Festival - Pays-Bas
Middle East Now! - Italie
Olhar de Cinema – Festival Internacional de Curitiba - Brésil
ALFILM Festival, 2021 Solidarity - Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival - Israël
Kassel Documentary Festival - Allemagne

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