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Au nord d’Albany

Bande annonce

  • Fiction
  • Drame
  • 90 min
  • français, anglais, s.-t. français
  • 2022

Annie hastily leaves Montreal with her two children in the direction of the USA. An obvious tension exists between the mother and her young teenager, Sarah. Since the latter revealed that she had seriously injured the young girl who was harassing her, Annie makes the reckless decision to flee the possible repercussions. After their car breaks down near a tiny village in the Adirondacks, the little family is stuck there waiting for the repair to be done until the following week. Much to Annie’s chagrin, Paul, a single father and the only mechanic in town, has no intention of working over the weekend. But Annie’s stubbornness in wanting to leave at all costs will end up creating between her and Paul, a duality as corrosive as it is unexpected. Will this one drop the masks to eventually reveal to us the true intentions of these two fleeing souls?

v. anglaise: North of Albany

Directed by :

Distribution : Maison4tiers

Diffusion : Festival Cinémania, Montréal - Canada

Production : SLYKID & SKYKID

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