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LES DAMES DU DOC, our previous portal dedicated to female documentary filmmakers, is getting a makeover to become DAMES DES VUES.

You can navigate this new portal as you did the old one, with the exception that now you can access all types of media: not only documentaries but also features, animation, web series, and interactive works, offered in formats ranging from long, medium and short, to hybrid works of indefinite length.

This new portal is a valuable recruiting tool and a reference for teaching institutions. It comprises a directory of more than 200 Québec women directors, an on-demand film club and a collection of biographical capsules, featuring a variety of female directors ranging in age from emerging young filmmakers to those who have made history.


First, you'll find a directory called Women Directors A-Z, in the form of an individual file that includes a photograph or video portrait, a bio-filmography and links to screen their work. The Women Directors A-Z directory will be completed and updated regularly over the coming months. We apologize to any female directors we may have forgotten in this initial version. If you want to be included in the directory, access the registration form.


You'll find thirty-six video portraits of women directors who have left their mark on Québec's film history, or who represent new, emerging talent. These capsules are signed by four talented female directors. We wanted these productions to convey the diversity of filmmaking approaches and content, as well as to highlight women's creativity and audacity. We hope to produce more of these portraits in the future. There's certainly plenty of choice, and no lack of talent!


In addition to our video portraits, several female directors who were featured at our Film Club events share confidences at 3 true stories. We present these unedited 20-25 minute capsules for you to experience in their entirety. Over 20 of these true stories are already online, with more to come in the next few months.


Once a month, our Film Club event takes place in the ARRQ's screening room, where a Québec woman filmmaker is invited to present one of her films. Films are chosen by a programming committee and reflect diverse themes and approaches. We have been hosting these much appreciated events for over two years. With their festive atmosphere, our film club evenings have often filled the screening room to capacity, and there will be more to come! Please join us! To submit a film to our programming committee, drop us a line. Don't forget to include your film's viewing link and password in your message.


You will also discover a true gem when you access our Online Cinema. Here you can view hundreds of films made by Québec women directors, classified by type, theme, and length. You can also choose a specific director's films.


Last but not least, women filmmakers and professionals can access our constantly evolving directory of female artisans and technicians in film and media arts in our Female Crew Directory. Registration is voluntary via our registration form.

This ends our tour of the DAMES DES VUES portal. Happy wanderings through its multiple pathways and ramifications!

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