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DOC-SWAP (DOC-TROC) is a Facebook service exchange group for women documentary filmmakers, designed to foster sharing and support their practices. All you need to do is post your requests and offer your services. Need help creating a blog? Writing a grant application?

If you want to be more convincing and receive more responses, try offering a service in exchange: Launching videos online? Reading and commenting on a project?

Whether you’re a fairy godmother or a whiz kid, share your needs and skills on DOC-SWAP.

Here are some examples of requests for help and services offered. Create a DVD/ Create a blog, FB page, website/ Read a grant application / Understand FB/ Looking for equipment/ Want to borrow a car/ Make sandwiches for a crew/ Looking for a camera person, sound technician, editor/ Advice on how to get funding/ Critical viewing of a rough cut/ Launch videos online/ Read and comment on a script or project/ Looking for sets, accessories or costumes/ Make a distribution plan/ Translate a project/ Make budgets/ Transcription.



Doc-Swap is very simple to use. All you need is a personal Facebook page. The only selection criterion is to be a woman documentary filmmaker!

1. Open your Facebook account
2. Visit the DOC-TROC Facebook page
3. Click on the green button join-group-facebook
4. Wait till an administrator validates your registration
5. Compose and post a message with your requests. Propose a service in exchange if you so desire.


Make sure you receive the “notifications” so you can see all the messages posted on your newsfeed. That is the default setting.


If you want to see fewer postings, (only those posted by your friends, for example) there are other options to choose from in the top right-hand corner, where “notifications” is checked off.




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