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Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (1981) directed by Bonnie Sherr Klein © ONF

Sylvie Bernard, tisserande de l’oubli (2015) directed by Pauline Voisard © Nicole Giguère

Director Paule Baillargeon © Coll. Cinémathèque québécoise

Carnets d’un grand détour (2011) directed by Catherine Hébert © Marc Roger

Pas de pays sans paysan (2012) directed by Ève Lamont © Martine Doyon

I Love Women Documentary Filmmakers!

Even though I make feature films, my best friends are women documentary filmmakers. They form the majority of Réalisatrices Équitables’ membership and board of directors. I’m in contact with these wonderful women on a daily basis. Based on observations over time, I’d define them by their curiosity, spirit of adventure, openness to others, and burning desire for social justice. They’ve told me some incredible stories. They’ve weathered storms from the Arctic to the Sahel, been kidnapped in Africa, braved dictators and dodged bullets in war zones. They’ve been gassed in demonstrations, held dying people’s hands, and cut umbilical cords. And time after time, I’m amazed by their daring and sheer nerve. Sometimes, their explorations and travels are more low-key, but they all burn with a common desire to portray reality from an angle that makes us think, deepen our awareness, look beyond the obvious, and even, from time to time, catch a glimpse of hidden truths. In my opinion, they are the valiant heroines of modern media.

Réalisatrices Équitables created this portal to honor the talent, generosity and courage of female filmmakers. We also want to interest young women in what many of us consider the best profession in the world! In more practical terms, we’d like it to be a source of inspiration for producers, distributors and broadcasters, when they’re looking for someone to direct a documentary. For all is not as rosy as we’d like to believe for these DAMES DU DOC…

Isabelle Hayeur, president of RÉ

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